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If you want a prominent spot on the web for your business, you have come to the right place. Here at SEO, Web Design and Development, we thrive not only to help you build your online presence, but also to make sure that people could easily find you through the search engines.

Our Team

JErmWeb Designer, SEO
JErm started off with the web back around its birth to the public circa 1993. He started off by dissecting Yahoo’s homepage and that’s how he learned HTML. From then he picked up Photoshop and in a short time he was hand coding websites with graphics made in Photoshop. Within a few months he started attracting people who wanted to build their own websites too. At the time the web wasn’t so commercial so most people simply helped each other for free. This brought forward the birth of online tutorial sites that mainly focused on HTML and Photoshop. Graphics big back then and everyone was racing to design “the coolest” web interfaces. So that’s what JErm did, he designed custom web interfaces and wrote online tutorials on how to design and code them.

Fast forward to 2005, he had done web design and development for various clients, online real estate, forums and portals, web shops and finally personal blogging. Then things got tough and he decided to blog for business. He started in 2006 and is still running it until today. However he has somewhat semi-automated the blogging business and has since been exploring other ventures, both on and offline. Through many years of trial, error and toil, he has now decided to reopen his web design and development business with a new touch. And that’s why we are here now.

Jeremy GrantSEO
Jeremy is the CEO of ZrysMedia. He has proven he is one of the best SEO Expert’s and Inbound Marketing Strategists in Sacramento, with the proof to back it up. Jeremy has comprehensive and authoritative knowledge and skill performing Search engine optimization, marketing, writing, design and a myriad of other skills. How can he know so much and do it effectively? Jeremy has exceptional intellectual creative power and natural abilities to perform many tasks. A child prodigy whose an autodidact combined with being a polymath. It is with these abilities Jeremy has brought SEO, Marketing and Multimedia Design success to clients in diverse industries since the early 2000’s. That’s over 14 years of experience.
Stephen AntonieCoder
Stephen started off as an automated system developer for Forex trading platforms, but over the years have accumulated proficiency with other platforms and programming languages. He is adept with manipulating JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and PHP, making user interaction with websites natural and intuitive. He has worked on numerous web development projects, both full-custom and WordPress based.