Declaring War on Blogger Apathy

by JErm on August 9, 2005

Darren Rowse of has compiled his series on Declaring War on Blogger Apathy into an article. As every blogger should know, apathy has the greatest potential to kill your blog. As Darren put it:

A blogger can have the best strategic plan in the world but if they have no motivation, passion or drive for their blogging it will almost always amount to nothing at all.

To wrap a long article short, these are the basic facts Darren shared to fight blogger apathy:

  • Start a Series
  • Invite questions from your readers
  • Revisit old Posts
  • Redesign
  • Write Posts Ahead of Time
  • Keep an Idea Journal
  • Develop a Posting Schedule
  • Get a Guest Blogger
  • Read other’s blogs
  • Interact with other bloggers
  • Meme it Up
  • Subscribe to a new Source of Information
  • Short Posts
  • New Stimuli
  • Just Write
  • Get a Coach
  • Take a Break

Read his full article for the complete breakdown.

I hope his tips offer a new breed of motivation for you, for every blogger could use a fresh moment of blogging from time to time.

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